White Denim

The weather lately was a little bit better than a week ago, it was sunny and windy on the afternoons, Great for Easy Breezy outfits like this! A simple polo and jeans combo. I’ve been a little busy with School and events lately since it’s Exam week (Also known as Hell Week) as a matter […]

Aztec Summer

As seen on my previous post, I attended Abreeza Mall’s Fashion Forum! and in relation to that here’s what I wore on that day! The attire for the event was Preppy Summer and nothing says Summer than Vibrant Colors, that’s is why I came up with this look, I wore a nice Aztec patterned button-down […]

Bar Stipes

In my second day in Manila, I went to Enchanted Kingdom which explains the very laid-back summer outfit perfect for the hot weather, and It was really hot outside that day! And nothing says a very hot Summer day than a Tee-shirt, Shorts and Sneakers to feel comfortable despite the Summer Heat! I’m Wearing:Black and White […]


As Promised! Today is Sunday and It’s another edition of #StyleInspoSundays!!! Here is one of my favorites, because For me, there has always been something about black and wearing all-black outfits that I like. This is more of a Laid-back outfit but still Stylish. Went to the grocery store with this haha Black Tee Shirt, […]