5 Things to do in Sarangani, Glan

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Saragani, Glan is one of the unpopular hidden gems that you can see in Mindanao, The beautiful scenery, peaceful surrounding and clear blue waters makes it one of the best destinations for a beach getaway on a budget! Luckily me and the Davao Bloggers Society went there last October during the Lubi Lubi sa Glan Festival 2017 and explored more of what’s in store on the Island. I know this is a long overdue post but let me share our experience during our stay!

I’ve been here quite a few times over the years because of its accessibility from where I live in Mindanao, but I was quite surprised by how many spots Sarangani province, Glan still has to offer where I’ve never been before. If you’re having a hard time planning your itinerary I made a little list of the Top Five (5) things you could do while here in Glan.

(PS: If you’re wondering how to get there, you can take a Plane or a Bus to General Santos City and ride a Private Vehicle or renting a Van.)

  1. Eat the  Buko Halo-halo over at Belmar Eco-park and Beach Resort, There’s also a mini-zoo where you can see and take photos with Snakes, Parrots, Love Birds, Doves and more exotic animals. They also have a restaurant which caters to group of friends and families in a very reasonable price! (Located at Sitio Kabog, Brgy. Kapatan
    Glan, Sarangani)

2. Visit Hacienda Don Juan – an Ancestral Home right in the middle of Saragani, Glan which is also a Beach Resort and Hotel.

You’ll definitely feel like it’s a blast from the past with the antique interior and timeless architecture of the place that they’ve preserved after all these years, Don Juan opened its doors to the public just recently for the people to appreciate more of what Don Juan’s family vacation home has to offer. Here’s a few photos of their amenities. (For more info, you can check out them out at www.hacienda-donjuan.com/


3. Visit the Mangrove Central Nursery – See one of the biggest mangrove farms in the Philippines. Preserved by the Local Government Unit in Sarangani the Mangrove Central Nursery is probably one of the widest ones I’ve seen in person and I’m proud to say it’s taken care of by the locals that kept the place neat and clean after all these years. (Located at Barangay Glan Padidu, Sarangani)

4. Fall in love with Amazing Sunsets and White Sand beaches

Here’s my Top Three (3) recommended Resorts you can visit while in Glan!

  1. Belimac Sumbang Point Beach Resort

 2. Rosal Beach Resort

 3.  Isla Jardin del Mar Beach Resort

Here’s a little BTS from our self-portrait shots.

Exploring more of the town before we witness the Lubi Lubi Festival and leaving Glan.

Here are some of the booths that opened during the Festival, where I’ve seen so many local delicacies that the town has to offer.

5. Witness the Street Dance Competition during the Lubi-Lubi sa Glan Festival! – I was lucky enough to have witnessed this sought after festival in the town, even the Philippine Champ, Senator Manny Pacquiao was there to witness it himself at how passionate and dedicated the people of Glan showcased their entries during the Street Dance Competition.

What are you waiting for, Got no plans for Summer? Spend it at Sarangani, Glan! I know this was a pretty lengthy post, Thanks for reading! See you on my next post!

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