Pawsome Dog Cafe Davao

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If you’re like me and you also love dogs and always on the look out for new coffee shops/food shops in the Metro. Here’s a little unique cafe in Davao, which I really love because it has coffee and lots of dogs! It’s called Pawsome Dog Cafe, its the first and only Dog Cafe in Davao City which serves, Coffee, Tea, Frappes, Pasta, Milktea, Rice Meals and so much more, It opened mid 2017 last year and this is the 2nd time I dropped by! I was surprised how the Dogs got even bigger huhu (didn’t thought of that part during my first visit lol) anyways here’s a little preview of the place.

The place is separated in two, there’s a portion of the Cafe and the other side is the Dog play pen area. Which is a clever way to get cute photos with the dogs and don’t get mixed with all the smell and unwanted odor while eating your meal.

They are located at Door 5 Autoville bldg., F. Torres St, Davao City, Davao del Sur.

Operating hours is from 11AM-9PM Daily. (Take note they close in between hours Mondays to Thursday from 3 to 4pm)

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