#GetReadyToCharge with Pond’s Men Energy Charge

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Being always on-the-go, travelling and going to events here and there, I can’t help but look haggard and get pimples from the City’s pollution. Whether a Lifestyle Blogger, Student or a Working Professional there is not escaping the harsh environmental elements that we encounter during our daily routine, which might develop dark spots and be more prone to acne.

Well here’s some news for you, the solution to looking less haggard is now within reach, Thanks to Pond’s Men Energy Charge. Maintaining a fresh, revitalized look is easily achieved with this skin care line that’s powdered by coffee bean extracts and cooling menthol.

Pond’s Men is the perfect complement to the Urban Man’s Lifestyle because it is created specifically for hi. Men’s skin are thicker compared to women’s, and have larger pores and as such, has the tendency to be oilier and more susceptible to acne.

By using Pond’s Men instead of soap, dirt, grime and oil are removed without stripping the skin of natural lipids, making the skin smoother, whiter and more energized.

To help you maximize efficacy, You can use two products:

  1. CLEANSE. Use Pond’s Men Energy Charge Facial Wash to remove dead skin cells and impurities, and energize haggard looking skin.
  2. MOISTURIZE. Use Pond’s Men Energy Charge Face Moisturizer to nourish, protect and energize haggard         looking skin.

Pond’s Men Facial Washes and Moisturizer are available at leading supermarkets and drugstores and the beauty sections at department stores.

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