Jeffrey Eats: Kaizen Japanese Street Dining

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It’s not a surprise that Kaizen Japanese Street Dining has caught so much attention of the growing food community in Davao, As I’ve noticed “Japanese Cuisine” has been in the limelight for quite some time now and this place will definitely surprise you. I have always seen them on Social Media and during that time I was drawn by the photos online, there’s always a long queue outside and at first I thought, I’ll wait it off because maybe they were still in the “grace period” of opening, but it has already been a few months and there is still a lot of people going, when I finally had the patience to brave the long line, it was definitely worth the wait! Now I see why some people really find time to go out of their way to eat here.

The staff was attentive and we were escorted to our chairs a few moments from the line and served us water immediately! I commend them for that.

If you look closely, Their prices are definitely lower than some Japanese Food places in Davao.

It was quite the feast because, of course I didn’t line-up for one food alone (#Excuses lol but yeah I was also with Family) I ordered the Chicken Karaage, California Maki, DU30 Roll, Chicken Curry, Tempura Donburi and Gyudon.

Each and every one of these food really made a mark on my taste buds! I’m already craving with you guys as I’m writing this post! Can’t wait to go back there again soon!

Wanna Check them out? They are located at Pryce Road Corner, F. Torres Street, Davao City.

Opening from 5:00PM-12:00AM during Mondays-Thursdays

5:00PM-3:00AM during Fridays-Saturdays and

5:00-11:00PM during Sundays.


For more updates you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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