REKADO Filipino Comfort Cuisine’s Anniversary Menu

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Davao’s favorite place for Filipino comfort food, Rekado, is
two years old. 

The restaurant, built by two loving daughter in honor of their
mother, was conceived because. “We grew up in a household where good food was
always prepared by mom.  Why not share it
with everyone else?,” said the sisters.

“Most of our diners come with their families. It’s what we
always wanted for Rekado—to make dining a family affair. This just reminds us
of how we always enjoy our food at home. But in this case, we’re doing the
cooking, ” said the young entrepreneurs.

On the first year anniversary of Rekado the young budding
chef is whipping up ten new dishes as new additions to the menu.

“Four of these dishes was formally launched on Mother’s Day
and the rest we are presenting to you today,” said the chef to her guests
during lunch hosted for the Davao media.

“Expect the same bold flavors from the original menu we
presented to everyone from day one. Nothing repetitive and each dish will stand
on its own, each will have its own unique flavor,” said budding chef Pauline


















Rekado Paella

Our version of paella uses fragrant Jasmine rice that is
sautéed with our homemade chorizo crisps, then simmered in a boldly flavored
broth and finished with shrimps and chicken.
Each step in cooking this dish is seasoned finely so that every bite is
a play of flavors of shrimps, chorizo and chicken.

This is topped with a creamy chili and lime dressing that
complements the flavors by providing acidity and added spice.  

Grand Pochero

Beef shank, chicken quarter, pork belly braised until
perfectly tender. Fatty beef shank gives the broth a deep, rich flavor from
being carefully simmered for hours until all aromatics are perfectly blended.

This is served with a creamy ensaladang talong which is
filled with layers of savory flavors that complement the meat in this dish.
carrots potatoes, garbanzos, cabbage for added texture and saging na saba which
adds sweetness to the dish.

Sesame Basil Chicken

Tender chicken cubes in our oriental sauce.  An abundance of flavors from bold Asian
ingredients such as sesame oil and ginger with a hint of pepper and sweetness
from the fresh basil.

Rekado Mixed Seafood

Local mussels, shrimps, malasugue, squid balls, fish balls
and kikiam cooked in a sweet and savory sauce made of variety of chilis. Bold
flavors stem from a variety of aromatic Asian ingredients such as lemon grass
and fish sauce.  It surprises with a buttery

Sinigang na Tadyang
sa Kamias

Tender beef short ribs braised to perfection and simmered in
a rich beef broth and soured by kamias or iba.


It’s all beef meat and tripe slow simmered with Chorizo El
Rey Spanish chorizo in tomato sauce until perfectly tender. The slow cooking
process brings out the natural flavors of the beef that gives the sauce a deep,
rich flavor.


Shrimps, mushrooms, crispy garlic chips and chilis simmered
in infused olive oil.

Kinilaw na Malasugue

A Filipino version of ceviche.  Kinilaw of malasugue tossed in seasoned
vinegar with pickled radish, burong mangga, onions, ginger and chilis. This is
topped with a guava and tamarind glaze. Perfect harmony of sweet, spicy and
zesty flavors.  Each component is well
seasoned. The pickled radish and burong mangga provide sweetness and acidity. A
refreshing and light dish

They are located at 

1050 Jacinto Extension, Davao City.

**Open on Monday to Sunday from 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


Visit them at Facebook + Instagram_ _for more info.

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