Espetada House of the Hanging Chicken

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Apologies for posting so many food content here on the Blog
lately, I’ve been attending a lot of Food events and slowly turning into a Food
Blog lol, but it’s only because there’s no one to take my outfit shots haha but
I promise soon I’ll be posting more of those soon! But for now, FOOD! 

This Restaurant Espetada House of the Hanging Chicken have been open for quite a while now and

I have
been very curious about this place since it opened and only today that I got to Visit and try their Food. It’s called Espetada House of the Hanging Chicken,
and like you guys it made me think of why the “Hanging Chicken” haha, This place
did not disappoint! The food was good,It was delicious! I loved the “King Chicken”, a different take on the simple Chicken that we all know and love plus the Persian taste to it. Also you get to eat it on a Hanging Stick. Considering it was my first time and it
was definitely something to come back for. Despite the Brownout that night they still had a Generator to conveniently serve the customers and without a hassle.






They are located at Door 5 Belles Appartment, Sobrecarey St., Obrero, Davao City, Sobrecarey St, Davao City, Davao del Sur.

Open daily from 11AM–11PM

Visit their Facebook Page it’s

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