Nomads Davao Launch

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Davao is a Lifestyle retail store of Collective Brands by Davaoeño designers. It is a first-of-its kind
concept in the City to host local and Homegrown brands created by young and
dynamic designers making a foray into Davao’s Fashion scene.

It offers a wide range of local
brands across menswear, women’s wear and accessories, catering to both formal
and casual segments. Nomads Davao is positioned as the aspirational fashion
destination for the discerning Davaoeños. It aims to provide products and
service excellence that would help update and shape the wardrobe of urban Davao
and staying true to the promise of delivering fashion through a curated and unique,
fresh, edgy perspective.



















HABERDASHERY (Frances Tendencia)

is a creative clothing and accessories line, specializing in toddler, tween and
mothers. Founded in 2016, we are recognized for our charming array of clothing
and whimsical aesthetic. We felt that a combination of worthwhile and dainty
apparel would resonate with people.We hold a strong commitment to
quality, exciting fabrics and prints and attention to detail. Our products
reflect fun, fresh and refinement for our clients. 

MÛRE (Andi Amora) 

MÛRE is dedicated to
understand designs that accentuate femininity and can be worn for different
occasions. Andi Amora was inspired by Coco Chanel who said “Dress shabbily and
they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”
Designing fashion that captures the essence of beauty that is demure and
quietly elegant. Inspired by the rise of the Davao career woman, MURE designs
for the ultimate woman on the go. Uncomplicated and easy to put together basic
pieces, she aims for an effortless, yet put-together look. 

ZEL (Jozel Ignes) 

ZEL caters street
wear for both edgy and fashionable men and women. Its pieces emblazoned with an
interesting silhouette such as Tetris bricks, insects and some exotic
creatures, also features a playful cut outs and interesting contrast of colours
that brings a modern sportswear vibe.


I live to
oppose what they say about us, millennials.
We are often defined as the technology driven generation, the era of
less poetic and more politically correct. I stand as an artist in the middle
ground of technology and the opulence of indigenuity marrying the best of both
worlds. Each project is a profound and complex definition of minimalism
focusing on the story behind.NIñOFRANCO
Pret-a-porter has three design categories. First, is the Contemporary Ethnic
which reflects the rich culture of the different ethnic tribes in Mindanao
carefully contemporarize through the use of technology, a way of presenting a
dying art form executed with a fresh pair of eyes. Second are the Contemporary
modern designs of the Creative Director Wilson N. Limon, and third are parody



a local designer brand by Mandy Velasco. The current collection aims for the
minimalist; it consists of loose and boxy silhouettes, and neutral colors. (Bianca Sabellano)       
is a clothing brand for the free spirit personalities who just want to be young
and be their self. With products that are adaptable to dress up for work, play,
travel or special occasions. Products that have clean lines, nice quality and

Guirgen & Kethley Uy) 

the name itself, art that tickles, is a brand for the young and carefree souls
of the present time. Established since 2013, Artickles continually develops
fresh and new designs to cater clients who love custom made products to satisfy
their guilty pleasure.  

(Jun Artajo) 

Artajó is a retail side of Jun Artajo’s
experimental grunge and an opposite of his fit-formed aesthetic. Apart from his
custom-made bridal, artajó is now born to cater the retail buyers and visualize
the experimental teens and professionals through a taste of European style of
fashion with a taste of being a Filipino. Wardrobe style of artajó is mostly
free fit, not conformed with body but aesthetically unique and purely stylish
with minimal detail. 


is a clothing line for fun, young women of the tropics, care-free and playful. 

The Skip (Ian

Skip is  a retail brand that offers raw,
urban clothing for both men and women. Materials ranges from 100% cotton,
stone-washed/acid-washed/torned denim, to cow hide leather.


They are located at the 2nd floor of SM Lanang Premier. For more info you can Follow them on Instagram.

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