Jeffrey Travels: Camiguin Island

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A few weeks ago, me and my Family went to Camiguin Island for the first time! We’ve been planning to go there for years, and just now that my parent’s had the vacancy to do so, we came with no disappointments, it was everything I imagined it would be, A great escape from the hustle and bustle of the City Life. We came in the right timing too! Just as the year started and days before School comes back! 

We went to White Island, Sunken Cemetery and Old Church Ruins. Make those part of your Camiguin Itinerary if you’re planning to visit! I was a little bit sad because of how fast we went there, so if you’re coming to the Island make sure you’ll stay longer than 1-2 days for maximization of your stay! If you guys are wondering how to get there, there are a lot of choices, Ride a Plane (The closest Airport is in Cagayan de Oro), Take a Bus (Look for a Bus Bound for Balingoan Port Bus Terminal),Taxi or Multicab and a Pump Boat or a Private Car and a Ferry Boat!






Til’ next time Camiguin!

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