NIñO FRANCO + Jeffrey Mondia

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NIñO FRANCO is a local designer in Davao City making waves Internationally making Ready to Wear made to order clothes for Men and Women. I was lucky enough to know the designer (Wilson Limon) and given a sample of one of their Designs which was a Bug patterned Mesh-Tee. It was a challenge for me to Style it, but I think I pulled it off wearing something that Everyday-people could pair with, Hoodie and Shorts!, To have that Laid-back look during that Gloomy Day. This is how versatile their designs are despite the “Designer” label.



I’m Wearing: Hoodie (Forever 21 Men), Mesh Tee Shirt (NIñO FRANCO), Shorts (Simple Life), Sneakers (Vans PH).


Photos by Angelika Mondia

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