Lucky Socks

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When picking out a certain outfit for the day, I always consider everything I wear, from the Top, Bottom, Shoes, Accessories and even the Socks! This may be something some people might ignore but you might be surprised of what help it does with a little patterned socks can do to your day! It can help boost your mood from the design of the socks or just simply add a little flare to your boring outfit. Recently Happy Socks PH sent me a pair of their famous Designer Socks! I have always been fond of wearing socks with different designs but this was a great addition to my collection! 

This was what I wore to the Fashion Forum Event a few weeks ago! I decided to wear a different pair of shoes that day just to have a different look rather than my old Boots and Button-downs and to also channel my LeprechaunSocks! I’ve been experimenting on this Tank-top + Button down combo lately and I think it suites me well! It gives you that Laidback feel but still want to look professional for the day.



I’m Wearing: Button down (Forever 21 Men), Tank Top (Forever 21 Men), Khaki Pants (Forever 21 Men), Watch (Tomato Time PH), Socks (Happy Socks PH) and Shoes (Milanos Shoes).


Photos by Allen Culiao.

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