Kadayawan Invasion 2015

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After weeks of Snoozing on writing a blog post about “Kadayawan Invasion” I finally found the spirit to write and edit everything today! Sorry for the delay! Due to the number of photos that I took that night, and with School Work

During Kadayawan Weekend, was One of the
Most-anticipated parties in Davao City, Another Great
success for the Spectrum Philippines and this year they partnered up with
FrolicFox productions, It was the first leg of the Invasion Tour,
and Everyone was definitely in the Kadayawan Festival Vibe during the
event, People were looking forward to this party all year-long! Partying with
the beats of some of the Country’s Best DJs Ace Ramos, Katsy Lee, MC Paolo
Avila, and Nix Damp P, and also alongside with them are International Artists,
No Class and Uber Jak’d.

I went a little early this time so I could get to experience the whole Invasion Tour with the Booths and to also take photos!


Electronic Music Festivals are definitely a “Thing” nowadays, this year there are a lot of parties popping everywhere in the metro, It’s not only a chance for people to have a good drink with their friends and dance their heart out with the beats of DJs but now it is also to a chance to channel their sense of style and wear their most fashionable outfits for the event. Davaoenos love a good party, especially big ones. And I hope this yearly event will get bigger and better again next year!

Also Met with Other Bloggers, Inno Naguit and David Guison!
Also met with the SM Youth Ambassadors. (That’s my Girlfriend right there! haha)

Thank you Zee Lifestyle for my passes that night! It was Definitly one of the Books!

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