Outfit Inspo: Rave Edition

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The most anticipated Festival in Davao City is right around the corner, Kadayawan Festival! and you know what that means? Electronic Music Festivals everywhere, this is actually one of the things I look forward to this year, because there aren’t a lot of Clubs here in Davao to go to every Weekend. So here’s a chance for you to channel your “Coachella Feels” To help you guys, here is a quick Outfit Inspiration guide to answer your #ootd Dilemma’s! 


Outfit #1.


Outfit #2.


Outfit #3.


Outfit #4.


Outfit #5.


Actually, you should just go with something you like and comfortable with, there will be a lot of walking so keep that in mind when picking out your clothes.

Also a reminder on what to bring to the Party! Party Essentials!


1. Cellphone – Make sure it’s Charged! You don’t wanna miss out on a moment! Take pictures!

2. Powerbank – We all know iPhones don’t have a lot of Battery juice! So just to make sure bring a Powerbank!

3. Sunnies – If you are planning on going early, you shouldn’t forget your favorite Sunnies! also a great addition to your Outfit!

4. Waterproof Case – This is very important so your gadgets won’t get wet and broken on a great photo-op!

5. Car Keys – If you’re Driving, don’t get your keys! You don’t wanna walk home!

6. Extra Shirt – This is for an after-party with your friends, you don’t wanna look like a mess afterwards!

7. Camera – Moments like this are treasured Moments, so don’t forget to Document it!

8. Sunblock – Again, If you’re planning to go in the afternoon, you should get protection for your skin!

9. Hat – It might be Hot or Rainy, bring a hat just in case!

10. Cash/ATM – Most importantly bring extra cash! You might score a thing or two on Great finds on the Booths section!

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