Festival Proper

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This weekend was probably one of my busiest days of my life, I was so lucky and had a lot of great opportunities and got to meet a lot of new people over the weekend, anyways there’s a lot of photos to be edited but today here is what I wore to the Indak-Indak in the Kadayawan Festival, Up Dharma Down Show, and the Arcadia Electronic Music Festival 2015! Such a hectic day! I decided to wear something light underneath my jacket because I needed something that could be wet for that night at the party and also at the same time be dressed up by the day’s festivities, definitely Best of Both Worlds! Haha I’ve always wanted to shoot in this place because of it’s feel and architecture, very classic and artsy!



I’m Wearing: Denim Jacket (Folded and Hung PH), Tank Top (Forever 21 Men), Shorts (Asics), Watch (Casio Watch Philippines), Rastaclat (Sneaker Club PH), and White Shoes (SM Shoes and Bags).


Photos by Allen Culiao.

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