Birthday Giveaway: Sneaker Club PH

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This is probably one of my favorites, that explains the pa-thrill effect (#conyo non haha) and I made it my last and final giveaway during my Birthday. Sneaker Club was probably one of the Stores that really believed in my potential, it was one of the stores that connected me to Rastaclat and Richer Poorer Socks. And on this giveaway, I will be giving away Two (2) pairs of Richer Poorer Socks and One (1) Rastclat Bracelet! What are you guys waiting for! Read below for the Full Mechanics!



1.) First Repost the one of the photos on Instagram!

2.) Follow me @jeffreymondia and @SneakerClubPH on Instagram!

3.) Tag us on your post

4.) Use the Hashtags #JeffreyGiveaways and #SneakerClubPH

Regram away guys!

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