White Denim

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The weather lately was a little bit better than a week ago, it was sunny and windy on the afternoons, Great for Easy Breezy outfits like this! A simple polo and jeans combo. I’ve been a little busy with School and events lately since it’s Exam week (Also known as Hell Week) as a matter of fact, I’m still at a Coffee Shop at 2AM cramming up for a Test and I’ve been going to meetings but still Balancing it all out! Haha Yes been gaining a little bit of weight too I guess Haha



I’m Wearing: Short Sleeve Button-down (Aeropostale), Denim Jeans (Terranova), Rastaclat (Sneaker Club PH), Watch (Casio Watches), and  Shoes (SM Shoes and Bags).



Photos by Allen Culiao.

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