Forever Summer

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As much as I miss Summer and that I want to take it all back, I have to accept the fact that it’s over and School is back again and Rainy days are here. But that’s what weekends are for! Haha Today, I felt like wearing this Summer-ey Top that goes well with a Jean Jacket and Shorts Combo! (The weather agreed as well Haha) At times like this, It’s kind of a way of channeling Summer in clothes! Haha, With styling my clothes this way I won’t have to help but miss Summer anymore Haha

If you guys haven’t noticed, I am very active at Blogging lately. I have been doing this blogging thing for a year now, this is my way of saying Thank You guys! for actually opening up my website and reading my posts! I hope soon enough I could have a Blog Giveway! but for now I’ll be as active as possible! Haha Don’t get tired of opening the site guys! If you guys haven’t noticed too, I’m back to this spot again haha, trying to look for new spots to take my ootd’s actually haha




I’m Wearing: Denim Jacket (Folded and Hung PH), Short Sleeve Polo (H&M Philippines), Watch (Casio Watches), Limited Edition Agimat Rastaclat (Sneaker Club PH), and Shoes (New Balance).







Photos by Allen Culiao & Ralph Someras

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