Cafe 52

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I was brought to this place for a meeting, and just had to put it on the blog! I heard about this place but haven’t got to try it yet, I know a lot of people out there looking for a cozy and new coffee shops to hangout in and study at here in Davao City.


Most coffee shops nowadays are pretty crowded and some lose the essence of peace. This is a Korean Cafe so you could notice some details in the interior, Kind of feels like you’re in Korea! and also notice Lee Min Ho in the glass! loljk Haha Unlike other Coffee shops this one is very spacious and high-tech! You can call the baristas by pushing on a button on the table, how convenient is that? I definitely recommend this place for people who needs to catch up on a Good book or cramming up in the exams! 


Anyways you can check them out on their Facebook page! It’sé-52-café-and-restaurant

They are located at 

Plaza de Bole, F.Torres St., Davao City

they are open Monday to Saturday 10:00PM-02:00AM

Sundays 12:00AM-12:00PM

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