1st Bird Festival in Tacurong City

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Last Saturday May 9, was the 1st ever Bird Festival here in Tacurong City! They welcomed a new festival in my hometown in celebration of the increasing number of birds in our local Bird Sanctuary, and I was one of the people who participated in one of the contests held, which was Photo Blogging.



It was a fun filled two-day celebration in Notre Dame of Tacurong College AVR and Baras Bird Sanctuary; the guests were served with fresh buko juice and kakanin. The other activities were face painting, book coloring for the kids, keychain making and a lot more! Plus there was a photo booth so the guests could have a souvenir from the fest. Of course the guests enjoyed all these activities while watching the birds flying around the place. We were given a Check-list of the birds that were expected to be there and we were to check the ones we have seen.




On the afternoon of the first day, we had a mini tour together with the other bloggers in Bird Sanctuary and got to witness the rare species of birds that I have seen for the first time! While on tour, the tour guide, Mr. Malana told us that the 2.5 hectare-area, serves as the home of around 20,000 birds for the past year. I was amazed of the huge number of birds that were there and wanted to see it for myself. It was nice to know that of all the places in the world, those birds chose to be in my Hometown. We were also told that one of the reasons they were there was because the birds adapted really well in the environment and the place suited their needs and living requirements. Also, they were not bothered or harmed in any way. At the end of the tour, we, the bloggers were lucky enough to ride in a truck that lifted us to take photos of the Birds in a much closer and better view. And I was so blessed to be able to see that view myself. It was truly an amazing experience and seeing those birds flying freely and some resting, you can really tell that they are really comfortable with their environment there.


This would probably be one of the things that people should do when in Tacurong City. Bird Watching! I grew up in this City and it warms my heart to see how it grew like this. As a Tacurongnon, I’m afraid to say that it was my first time to visit that place! But now that I have gone there, I really recommend the place! It truly was an unforgettable experience, perfect for a family outing, a date, or even a school field trip! Great for all ages! Take it from me guys, check out and go visit the Baras Bird Sanctuary here in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat! And Celebrate with us during the next Bird Festival next year! Hope
you guys enjoyed this blog post!

If you guys have more questions you can visit their Facebook page at Facebook.com/TacurongCity and Go Visit Tacurong City!

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