Gloomy Khaki

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It’s a Gloomy Sunday today! and I kind of felt like posting another blog post! these few days have been nothing but blessings! Meeting with people and going to events, and still a few more coming! can’t wait to post about them, but for now here is what I wore a few weeks ago, just felt like wearing a Denim button-down shirt with shorts haha because of course, It’s Summer! like I’ve said before been wearing a lot of shorts due to the weather and so I’ve been experimenting too! Mixing clothes with a lot of shorts lately. and of course I love these All-white shoes! Been seeing a lot of people wearing white lately too! It’s becoming a trend!


I’m Wearing: Polka-dot Denim Button-down shirt (Cotton-On),Leather sling-bag (Thrift Shop),Watch (Tomato Time PH), Hades Rastaclat (Sneaker Club PH), Glasses (Zefashionenthusiast), Hat (The SM Store), All-white shoes (SM Shoes and Bags). 



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