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Hey guys! It’s Sunday again! and you know what that means! #StyleInspoSundays! Here I am again to share one of my recent #ootd’s that didn’t get photographed by my camera haha, Sorry I haven’t posted a Style post in weeks but maybe soon! hahaimage2

Here is what I wore during our Trip to Talicud Island for Scuba Diving seen in my previous Photo Diarybirken ootdMandals are a big trend lately, If you are wondering what Mandals are, they’re Man + Sandals haha and I’m wearing these Mandals from Salvatore Mann. Mandals are perfect when you’re going for a laid-back outfit and also for comfort with your feet, you should take a break from all those sneakers for some time, like I did haha. It was the first time I wore them and it was the perfect time to use them too!

Hope you guys like this Inspost! Til’ the next one!

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