Bipolar Weather

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Hello there! Finally back on a new blog post since last year lol sorry it took me this long to post another one, but atleast I’ll post two blog posts tonight to make it up to you guys! Haha (If there are any lol) and pretty much didn’t have anything to post on the blog honestly lol anyways got a bit busy with school again lately. The weather was a bit “Bipolar” that day which is why I just brought my hood-ie with me just to be sure of not getting wet or I got something to cover my head when it does.

Someone “special” got me this short-sleeve button-down shirt from Uniqlo, which is a Japanese Clothing line that I like that only has an outlet in Manila.

I apologize for myself for the photos for I was sick when we took these shots lol been kind of a walking zombie that day haha #haggardIMG_4011

I’m Wearing: A short-sleeve button down shirt from Uniqlo, Blue Hoodie from Terranova, Rucksack bag from Salvatore Mann, Khaki shorts (They were originally school pants lol), Black sneakers from Vans Philippines.



Photos taken by Aprille Pasamba.

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