Pop of Color

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In any outfit you wear, you could always put something special on it, just like a cherry on top of an Ice Cream, (Let’s not talk about food here Haha) and in wearing clothes you can do that too. Exhibit A: Socks! Haha People nowadays are more expressive of themselves and putting a personal touch into their daily outfit is a great way to express those creativity! 

After a week of stress from school here I am again squeezing in a new outfit post! On a lighter note Christmas is fast approaching! and you know what that means, Christmas Break! Haha Looking forward to doing nothing productive this Holiday season lol (but I’ll anything for sure haha)



I’m Wearing:  Basic Black Shirt from Forever 21 Men, Rucksack bag from Salvatore Mann,


Snap back Hat from Penshoppe,


Blue Hoodie Jacket from Terranova,

Wearing the hottest new socks around Davao!!! Richer Poorer Socks! Check them out! Richer Poorer.


Shoes from Vans Philippines, Printed Socks from Richer Poorer/Sneaker Club Ph, and Rastaclat from Sneaker Club Ph.


Awkward hand, was about to scratch my head lol looks cool tho


Photos taken by my Sister, Angelika Mondia.

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