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Hello guys! I  got a Tumblr account recently and I have a  very little number of followers. So I decided to give away this precious beauty. 

For Christmas, I received 2 Nikon cameras and a Canon Camera. (Lucky, I know. My grandparents came over.) 

The camera I am giving away is brand new and awesome. 

I think it’s very unnecessary to have 3 cameras. 

So I’m giving one away. My mom is totes fine with it! 

You must reblog to enter this contest and you must also be following me!



Why should be believe you? 

If you don’t  believe me, please don’t enter. Thank you. 

When are you picking the winner? 

May 5th. I will be contacting you via ask box, so make sure that’s working properly. 

How many times can we reblog? 

As many times as you want, I don’t care. 

Do we have to follow you? 

If I pick you and I realize you don’t follow me, I will pick another contestant. 

Any more questions? http://sapphica.tumblr.com/ask

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