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So here’s the deal: Last night I won this purple 8 GB iPod Nano (with video camera on the back) in one of those claw machine things in a movie theatre arcade. I realllly love it, but I already have an iPhone! Since I love my followers, I’m going to give it away(: Then there’s the camera; for an early Easter present, my lovely great aunt from Michigan decided to give me her new Canon Rebel xs. Unfortunately, I already have one of my own D: I would like to keep it, but there’s honestly no point of having 2 of the same cameras & she won’t know how to use it since shes 73 ashfajkasdfadsjkasdfjk.

To win these one of these items, you must do the following:

*You must be following me (I check)

*You must reblog this (no more than 5 times!)

*You can like it (it will increase your chance of winning, but you can only like it once)

There will be 2 winners– 1st place will receive the camera, 2nd place will get the iPod.

Winners will be chosen at random with this thing http://classtools.net/education-games-php/fruit_machine/ .

I will announce the winners a 3 weeks from today (April 22nd just in time for Easter)

This contest is available to all countries.

I will contact the winners via ask box (so make sure you have it turned on by next friday!)


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